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Losne enjoys a prime location between the Gold Coast (21) and Jura (39), halfway between Burgundy and Franche-Comté.

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This allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the region, with its cultural and historical riches. Discover few kilometers away from L'Auberge de la Marine some of essential towns :

  • 1. Saint-Jean-de-Losne :: at the junction of the Saône, the Canal de Bourgogne and the Canal du Rhone Rhin, the smallest city of France (36 hectares of lands and 20 hectares of water) will welcome you with dignity.
    More information on www.saintjeandelosne.com

  • 2. Dijon : the palace of the Dukes and States of Burgundy, its historic downtown, its shopping, the 'Liberation place' ...
    More information on www.visitdijon.com

  • 3. Beaune : Beaune's city center, Hospices, the wineries, The 'route des vins' ...
    More information on www.ot-beaune.fr

  • 4. Dole : Pasteur Museum.
    More information on www.tourisme-paysdedole.fr

  • 5. Arc et Senan : Saline Royale, historical monument of world heritage by UNESCO.
    More information on www.ot-arcetsenans.f

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